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Neuroblastoma e-learning: an overview for pharmacists

Course Overview:

This e-learning course provides pharmacists with a comprehensive understanding of neuroblastoma. It covers key aspects such as epidemiology, diagnosis, risk assessment, and treatment management. You'll learn practical skills like dose calculations, drug toxicity management, and drug preparation. Two case reports will test your knowledge, preparing you to support neuroblastoma patients effectively.  

Below is a breakdown of the course modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the disease diagnosis and response evaluation methods

In the first module, and introduction to the disease is presented as well as the epidemiology, pathological and biological diagnosis, staging, prognostic risk and response evaluation.

Module 2: Practical management of neuroblastoma from a pharmacist perspective

In the second module, an overview of the practical management of neuroblastoma from a pharmacist perspective is presented, including dose calculations, overview of treatment regimens in low-risk, intermediate-risk and high-risk NBL. Toxicity as well as prepration of drugs for parenteral and oral administration are discussed.

Module 3: Case reports

Gained knowledge will be tested based on 2 case-reports.


Genevieve Laureys, Benedicte Brichard, Safiatou Diallo, Tiene Bauters, Aline Wertz, Nele Clottens, Justine Delaunoy, M. Bermúdez, S. Navarro, C. Sangüesa Nebot, M.M. Ruiz de Villegas, M. Oliveras