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Neuroblastoma e-learning: an overview for clinicians

Course Overview:

This Neuroblastoma e-learning course provides clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of the disease, covering clinical presentation, molecular markers, treatment strategies, immunotherapy, and support for relapses and survivors.

Below is a breakdown of the course modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the disease

This module provides a comprehensive overview of neuroblastoma in term of clinical presentation and biological behavior. The prognosis impact of different molecular markers and their influence on therapeutic strategies in neuroblastoma are also a part of the module. Furthermore, it emphasizes the significance of accurate staging through the utilization of the INRGSS system.

Module 2: Therapies and strategies proposed in NB at first diagnosis.

This module provides an overview of neuroblastoma treatment approaches, highlighting recent advancements in therapeutic strategies. Local therapies, such as surgery and radiotherapy, and systemic therapies, including chemotherapy and targeted treatments are developed.

Module 3: The incorporation of immunotherapy

This module provides an overview of the clinical development of the antiGD2 antibody and its integration into maintenance therapy for patients diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma. Additionally, it addresses the management of associated toxicities.

Module 4: Therapies and strategies to be followed in relapses and long-term survivors.

This module provides an overview of treatment approaches for neuroblastoma relapse or refractory; multiple strategies including chemotherapy, targeted therapies, radiotherapies , and immunotherapy.


Genevieve Laureys, Benedicte Brichard, Safiatou Diallo, Tom Boterberg, Lucas Matthyssens, A. Canete, J. Gomez-chacón, J. Cortés, M. Bordallo, A. Marco, B. Gutiérrez, M. Ramos, J. Giralt, P.P. Rubio, V. Castel, A.J. Ribelles, J. Balaguer, S. Gallego, C. Màrquez